"The work of Cristina Vega Iglesias restores strength and life to territories that the 20th century has neglected. Vega gives substance to the charm of the French provinces rediscovered following a global pandemic. She works at all scales with the same care, finds solutions to revitalize the existing building as well as to invent the new monuments of "living together" of the 21st century (Palinges Saône-et-Loire). With it, architecture is once again becoming a shared culture that is both landscape and society."

Françoise Very, Architect IUAV Venise (Italy), Villa Médicis Prize Vienna (Autriche), Professor of Theories and Practices of Architectural Design (France).


"Cristina Vega Iglesias undoubtedly owes her qualities as an architect to her general and architectural culture acquired in her country of origin, Spain, associated with her territorial anchorage in Charollais Burgundy. Nothing obvious at the start. And that gives what ?
-Great attention to uses and places.
-An ability to manage programs of very different scales, (and also to refuse some!)
-A quantity of drawings including many details.
-Real ecological and social attention in the choice of materials.
-Frequent presence on the construction site (not always well appreciated by contractors!).
This requires, we will agree, a certain tenacity.
Cristina Vega Iglesias is part of that generation of architects for whom doing so is most important. “Designing to build and not building what you have designed”.
All this coupled with a militant commitment to the Maison de l'Architecture de Bourgogne.

Marc Dauber, Architect and Engineer, Former Director of the CAUE of Saône-et-Loire, Former President of the M.A. Bourgogne, Former teacher at Schools of Architecture.


"Cristina Vega Iglesias was the only architect to have known the village before taking on the building restoration project. She listened to the elected officials who wanted to preserve the history of this old school. She provided them with the answers suitable for the future projection of this room which had to reconcile compliance with standards, the choice of materials, the realization in a determined time. Cristina Vega Iglesias was able to find the necessary compromises with the companies in order to carry out this rehabilitation without derogating from the principles fixed by accompanying them, advising them until the culmination of what she had set herself. Architect who demonstrates human qualities, creativity, rigor whether it is for the realization of the plans, the respect of the standards imposed and managing the allocated budget.”

Josette Lagrange, mayor of the Commune of Collonge-en-Charollais and client.


"Cristina Vega Iglesias was in charge of our modular sports hall project. The choice of techniques and materials is in line with our expectations and the recommendations of the Architecte des Bâtiments de France. Her rigour, the weekly follow-up meetings and her adapting to the drawback of the construction site allowed a delivery in line with the commitments. Her relationship with the various stakeholders was appreciated by all. Her ability to listen and his ability to find quick solutions are his strong points."

Nicolas Lorton, mayor of the Commune of Palinges and client.