November 2023

Burlat & Vega present at the international exhibition "First order, First distinction in architecture - Crossed views France-Slovakia" in French Institut of Slovakia from November 23, 2023 to January 19, 2024

The exhibition bears witness to the nature of the projects carried out by 7 Slovak architects and 7 French architects under the age of 42. It makes the link between their first distinctions in architecture and the realization of their first order.  

Exposants: Archiplein, Between, Tomáš Boroš, Burlat & Vega, Commune, Martin Nouaille, Antoine Petitjean, Guillaume Ramillien, Récita Architecture, Martin Skoček, Superatelier, Tri.Štrast, What Architects, Viliam Zajíček

Lieu d'exposition : Sedlárska 358/7, 812 83 Bratislava, Slovaquie

Institut Français

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